As a freelance cinematographer, Jan Koks has gained experience and insight in various areas of the cinematic world. Jan is currently shooting a variety of music videos, short films, documentaries, and commercials. 
During his studies at The Netherlands Film Academy and ROC A12 he did internships at Filmmore Amsterdam, Habbekrats Amsterdam [New Amsterdam Film Company], and Nature Conservation Films. Following these internships, Jan was hired as a freelance assistant editor at Filmmore Amsterdam and was asked to collaborate on the feature film "We" at Habbekrats as a second camera assistant. During the Nature Conservation Films internship, he worked as the B-Camera operator for National Geographic Wild. 
During his studies at the Netherlands Film Academy, Jan operated the B-camera for the film "Watchman" [Jachterwachter] and the series No Activity [Niks te Melden].​​​​​​​